How to stay safe when renting a car

Stay Safe While Renting A Car

If you have some experience driving, you probably will feel more comfortable renting a car when you travel, it is a good sensation when you can go wherever you want by yourself not depending of public transportation or cab’s drivers who you don’t know, you are confident with your own driving skills and the only things you require is a vehicle.


Renting a vehicle may be the perfect solution in your situation but it is not exempt of risks, the roads may be dangerous by themselves and in addition you must consider that that isn’t your car, but a rented car which you don’t know as well as your own vehicle, in this case the risk is bigger and you must be prepared in order to face any unexpected event and succeed.


Being prepared


When you decide to rent a vehicle you must be aware that you will be driving in a place different from home, you must learn something about the laws of that place and of what is expected from a driver’s behavior, remember that every country had its own law and rules as well as its own customs, so this comes first in your “must do” list.


When you do your research about the laws and customs of your destination place, take a little of time to know about the services available in that place, emergency service and get information about traffic and roads, you should get the number of tow truck services companies which operate in the area, for example if you are in Cincinnati, you should look for “Cincinnati Tow Truck Service”.


A good advice, don’t wait until the last minute to rent your vehicle, if you do it you will not be able to choose a car that you like and comfortably according to your expectations and needs.


Something important, talk with your insurance provider in order to know the current coverage of your policy regarding of rental cars.


Before you take the keys of the vehicle take pictures of it, inside and outside, take pictures even of the major indicators  to register the conditions of the car at the moment you receive it as well as the content of the truck which must have the spare tire and the tools needed to change it.


Ask the representative when the vehicle received its last maintenance and who you should talk in the event of car troubles or if you lose the car keys, you should ask about the safety features of the vehicle and how they work.


Turn on the vehicle and take it for a ride inside the place, in order to detect any possible strange sound of problem.


Finally take all the safety measures you usually take when you drive and enjoy.