Things to carry with you when traveling to the Middle East

Traveling to the Middle East

The World is filled with wonders and exotic places that will show you new and astonishing things in every corner your sight reaches. A great amount of those incredible things are located in the Middle East. This region is known for the difference between their culture and the western culture, so a trip that includes this destination is more than sure to give you some particular and amazing experiences.


Good travelers must never leave their homes without having the right equipment, and special adventures such as Middle Eastern trips will sure require special luggage and handy things, so if you’re planning a visit to the cradle of civilization, this article was handmade for you. Follow the read and get to know some useful items that will help you develop there.



This might be the most important topic when traveling to the Middle East. The best kind of clothing you could carry on your luggage is light and loose-fitting one. As the biggest attractions are related to pilgrimage you might want to be as comfortable as possible. Don’t forget to take a hat and your sunglasses.

A useful garment would be a jacket, this might seem weird at first but the weather in the Middle East is dry, that means really hot days and cold chilly nights. Also think about the color, white will be easy to get dirty and black will make you feel even hotter, so light-colored and mid-toned clothes are the best.

Be respectful while visiting religious sites, keep your shoulders, legs and cleavage covered. Some places will require you to cover your head, so it’s nice to carry a scarf or a shawl. Long skirts are advisable for women, as they’re comfortable and suit with the religious rules.


Electrical items

While Western current tend to have a voltage of 110-120V, Middle Eastern has 220V. So it is necessary to buy some current converters to avoid damaging your items. If they are adaptable, there won’t be need of converters.

Middle Eastern sockets are different as well. They have the round-pronged shape with three or two pinned plugs. If your device has not those characteristics, then you have to buy an adaptor and a power strip in order to charge or use the greatest amount of electronic devices at once.



The best combination of footwear you could take on your trip is comfortable, resistant and easy to take off and put back on. You’re going to walk a lot so walking shoes or sneakers with rubber soles are perfect for this kind of adventure.



You will need to take some common extras like sanitiser, repellent, LED torch, documents and others. Some of them like sunglasses and sunscreen are going to be vital, others, like Ziploc bags are going to be quite useful if you want to take some holy water as a souvenir without making a mess on your bags.


Now that you know what to carry, Middle East will wait for your visit